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Vitality Smartcable® (iOS, Apple Only)

The Vitality Smartcable® uses advanced technology that can turn your Apple iOS device into a convenient and portable device to stimulate your mind. Designed specifically to support brain and neurological function, the Smartcable helps improve your body's overall health.

  • Physician's prescription not required to purchase!

The portable Smartcable pairs with the Vitality Smartcable App (OHA), which can be downloaded free via the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android OS devices.

The Smartcable plugs directly into the charging port of your mobile device and connects to the specially designed ear clip. Simply open the app, plug the cable into your smartphone, and activate the Smartcable using the app. The preconfigured electrical settings will provide health-restoring stimulation.

Designed to improve your health with only 5 minutes of use daily, the Vitality Smartcable can be worn while working, playing, or performing other daily activities. The unit is supplied with a collar clip that can take the weight from the cable, permitting comfortable attachment to the ear without pulling.

The Smartcable ear clip is designed for use on either ear. To ensure effective contact, the included alcohol wipes must be used to clean the ear and the ear clip pads before each use. Alcohol swabs are not included in shipments outside of the U.S. due to airline shipping restrictions.

Vitality Smartcable ® comes with its own carrying case, making it easy to safely fit the Smartcable and a few alcohol wipes into a pocket or purse. There’s no need to purchase additional items - the Smartcable and App provide everything you need to support brain and autonomic nervous system health in one purchase.  One gentle (white) and one firm (gray) clip is included with each cable.

**Not compatible with iPhone15, iPad Pro or iPad Air. Requires a Lightening-to-USB-C jack adapter**

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    Note: Your Vitality Smartcable® comes with a complete User Guide. You can also download a PDF copy of the User Guide here.

    *Images of the Vitality Smartcable® and App shown on website may vary from the final product.


    Shipping is available to the U.S., Canada, and Australia.  Alcohol swabs are not included in orders meant to be sent overseas.